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To act in accordance with new EU legislation, websites must now gain consent for the use of cookies.

The law requiring websites to gain consent before storing cookies on computers was passed in May 2011 but the ICO granted companies a year to comply before prosecuting any cases.

Put simply, the law requires us to gain consent before we start dropping cookies on your computer. By using this website you consent to the use of cookies.

Big providers of web services such as Facebook and Google liberally use cookies to make their services work, track user behaviour, sell us things and personalise our browsing experience. They are necessary and they are helpful.

The legislation was brought in to begin to inhibit the reach of corporate interests into private lives.

To enhance our users’ browsing experience, we like to know how people, like you, use our website. We use Google Analytics, which is estimated to run on 90 per cent of websites. As an entirely cookie-based analytics solution it is not compliant with the legislation without the provision of explicit consent by website users. And this is why we ask.

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