• Case 1

    Severely overcrowded teenager had a fixed brace for 18 months. The patient was placed in permanent retainer after the brace was removed.


  • Case 2

       Overcrowding in 25 years old adult after fifteen months in a brace an amazing result was achieved


  • Case 3

     Adult patient closing a front gap (diastema) using a fixed brace.

  • Case 4

    Relapsed case. The patient had orthodontics when they were a teenager and did not have any fixed retention afterwards. She had 9 months of ceramic fixed braces followed by the attachment of a fixed retainer.

  • Case 5

    This 12 year old boy is the son of a patient of the practice . They had a fixed brace for just over a year.

  • Case 6

    This 42 year old lady had fixed lingual braces ( behind the teeth ) for a year. She is having her teeth bleached and replacing all the discoloured composites.

  • Case 7

    This lady had a root canal and a composite crown fitted in her teens . She was told there was very little tooth left underneath so she avoided treatment .
    We straightened her teeth with a fixed ceramic brace . We also used the brace to reposition the crowned tooth to minimise any further reduction for the new crown and we also used the brace to help position the gum above the crown . We then replaced her crown with a new all ceramic one.