• Case 1

    case1_before    case1_after

    This patient came to Keith requesting a fuller smile. Composite fillings (white fillings) were added and glued without any reduction in tooth structure. A very non invasive approach and completely reversible.

  • Case 2

    case2_before   case2_after

    This patient wanted the gaps closed but did not want veneers or braces. We added tiny pieces of porcelain to close the gaps again without preparation.

  • Case 3

    case3_before case3_after

    This patient had lost a front tooth during an accident. A previous dentist had crowned a back tooth with a metal arm over her palate, with a false tooth attached to replace it, becoming very uncomfortable and unsightly. We removed another tooth due to an abscess and both teeth were replaced with implant crowns. Two other front teeth were crowned as they were heavily filled.The patient had lost so much bone around the implant area which was disguised with pink porcelain.

  • Case 4

    case4_before   case4_after

    This patient had very unsightly crowns on her upper teeth and very heavily filled root treated back teeth. We covered all her top teeth with all ceramic porcelain crowns to produce a very natural result.

  • Case 5

    case5_before  case5_after

    This patient’s top teeth were very heavily filled, decayed and worn down due to a grinding habit. We crowned all the top teeth to restore the patients smile and function. He wears a mouth guard at night to protect the work.

  • Case 6

    case6_before   case6_after

    This patient wanted a single crown replaced and was happy with the appearance and colour of the others. We replaced the crown and worked with his laboratory to achieve an exact match to the adjacent tooth.

  • Case 7

    case7_before   case7_after

    This patient had an accident when very young and her teeth were crowned leaving a space. We bleached her teeth and replaced the two crowns. He was able to close the gap by placing non preparation veneers (no tooth reduction) on the teeth either side. The look is seamless and non invasive.

  • Case 8

    case8_before   case8_after

    This patient came to see us as she was extremely unhappy with the unrealistic looking veneers. They were very square, flat and the colour was incredibly opaque. We produced a result that looked more like her natural teeth – something we always strive to achieve.

  • Case 9


    The patient presented with very little tooth structure as the tooth had been root treated. With very little preparation, an amazing result was achieved with a ceramic onlay.

  • Case 10


    Another root treated tooth was saved using a ceramic onlay. This patient had previously been mis-informed that the tooth needed to be extracted.