“Keith is a very understanding and patient dentist. He is focused and concentrates on the best treatment for you and how it will work with you and your lifestyle. I have known him for over ten years and I trust him with my teeth and dental care.

“For superlative care and treatment, go to Keith Burns. He is the best dentist I have known and during your appointment he is concentrating on you and your teeth only.

“A dentist need to be precise and to pay attention to the small stuff. Keith is brilliant at that and putting you at your ease with his Irish charm. He takes care of you from start to finish and also takes time to see how you are doing post-treatment.

“Having known Keith for many years, there have been many check-ups and complicated treatments. Throughout he is always professional, friendly and willing to discuss options and the latest developments for you and your teeth. He wants to get the best outcome for you that works with your needs and lifestyle.”

Angela Tsen

“I met Keith when I was very unhappy with all my previous dental treatments . My new smile reflects my outgoing personality; I now irritate my partner as I spend my time smiling into anything with a reflection!

He gave honest a direct advise . He even “Fedexed” temporary cement to me while I was on holiday!”

Noel Lyons

“I have known Keith, both personally and professionally, for the best part of 14 years since arriving in the UK. I guess not many people look forward to a visit to the dentist, but when you know one whom you consider caring, considerate, knowledgeable and professional, it certainly helps. In my opinion, Dr Keith Burns is all of these things and he has taken care of all my dental requirements over the past years. I’ve always felt that I was in good hands and had a complete trust in the services recommended and delivered by Keith. I have also recommended him to several colleagues and friends and they, too, have always been complimentary, which must be testament to my own opinion”

Neil Hammond

“Keith Burns is an essential contact in my address book and a regular appointment in my diary. He is up there along side my hairdresser and doctor because he keeps me and my teeth healthy and looking great.”

Andrew Pierce

“Thank you Keith! I am over the moon with the extensive work he has done to my teeth – I can’t stop smiling! He has the perfect combination of a calming and gentle approach, expert technical prowess with a real drive for perfection and in many senses, genuine artistry which sets him apart from other dentists. Strange to say when I have no appointments I miss Keith and his great team.”

Vera Reinstadler

“Keith Burns has been my dentist for many years and during that time has been providing me an excellent standard of care for my teeth and gums. My teeth are in the best condition they have ever been. I feel really relaxed during my check-ups as he has a very reassuring and calming approach and because of his high standards my teeth are looking better than ever.”

Andrew Mair

“I remember as a child being terrified to go to the dentist. I was convinced my dentist was actually some kind of punishment master that my mother employed for those times when she didn’t like me. Why else would such a man exist?
Thankfully, the butcher and I parted ways in my teens and when I moved to London I found my wonderful dentist, Keith Burns.
Instead of someone I feared, I now had a friend on speed dial for those dental emergencies. And recently, I had to make one of those emergency calls.

I recently had an accident flying, face first, off my Vespa and hitting the road in a rather un-elegant face plant position. I smashed my helmet, my wrist, my knee, but more importantly, I also smashed 4 front teeth right out!
In an oblivion of shock and fear and pain, all I could say to the paramedics was “Call Keef! Call Keef!

Michelle Van Vuuren