Oral Surgery

In some cases a dentist needs to call on the expertise of a surgeon. This may be the case for the removal of wisdom teeth, if they are badly impacted. The multi-disciplinary approach at Keith Burns Associates means we have a renowned oral surgeon as a member of our team. Dr Babita is AXA accredited and delivers excellent work when it is required — from wisdom teeth extractions through to minor surgical extractions. She is recognised by the General Dental Council as a specialist and has both experience and a caring manner.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be numbed up or will it be a painful procedure?

You will always be numbed up for this procedure and apart from lots of pushing, you will not feel anything.

Can I go back to work afterwards?

Of course. Normally, teeth are extracted with just Local anaesthesia and therefore it is completely safe to return to work straight after. It is advised however that if possible, you book the appointment towards the end of the day, so that you can then return home and rest.

How long will the area take to heal?

Usually, the extraction site heals almost completely within a week. Most precautions need to be taken for 48 hours after extraction and full instructions are given after the procedure.