We offer a full and comprehensive range of general dental treatments. We concentrate on preventive dentistry to help and maintain your own teeth. Dentists and hygienists work together to ensure healthy gums and teeth. Our dental clinic offers the following treatments:

General dentists provide services related to the general maintenance of oral hygiene and tooth health. The services include fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures and root canal therapy. A general dentist is the first port of call when dealing with your teeth.

Ideally, general dentistry is preventative and it strives to maintain your natural dentition.

We recommend that you visit your dentist regularly – at least once every six months – to ensure proper oral hygiene and functionality. Regular check-ups and oral health maintenance prevent the development of serious dental problems that can require costly treatment. If you remain vigilant and visit your dentist regularly, you can enjoy exceptional dental health.

Your dentist at KBA will work with you to develop a customized dental hygiene plan.

During your dental check-up at KBA we spend 40 minutes examining every part of your mouth. We are the most up to date practice in the city with the latest technology. We can diagnose problems early which means a more minimally invasive approach. We are completely digital and paperless.

We are an amalgam free practice. When teeth need to be restored we do so with white composite or ceramic. The final result looks and feels like a new tooth.

All the crown and bridge material is also white (ceramic) producing a seamless natural looking restoration that’s looks lifelike.

All procedures ( fillings , crown/ onlay preparations and root canals ) are done under latex free dam. This ensures your safety and allows moisture control so materials can be placed correctly.

Root canal therapy at KBA is done with the most up to date equipment making a once difficult procedure more straightforward and less time consuming. High quality results are achieved allowing your natural tooth to be retained.
We offer a full range of night guards to protect against teeth from nocturnal tooth grinding. Every care and attention is made to choose the right guard for you.

We offer emergency same day dental appointments. If you are in any dental pain we promise to sort your problem out quickly and effectively. We will also open late evenings and weekends for new and old patients of the practice.

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