In some cases it is best to see a dental specialist to have your treatment completed. Our highly trained specialist dental team have postgraduate education in their particular field, as well as many years of experience. They will deliver the best results possible. Our specialist dental treatment includes:

Restorative specialist

They deal with dental implants and the placing of crowns and bridge work afterwards on these implants. The restorative specialist has placed many hundreds of implant and is a very gifted and experienced clinician. She has worked with Keith for 14 years an also has a practice of her own in Wimpole street. To become a Restorative specialist you must undertake a further four years postgraduate studies and have experience working in a hospital environment.

Endodontic specialist

An endodontist is a dentist who exclusively does only root canal treatments and surgery relating to the roots.
At KBA we deal with most of the root treatments within the practice. Occasionally if a complicated root canal needs to be finished or an existing root canal has become infected we refer to Richard Kahan. He is based at 99 Harley Street and is one of the leading endodontists in the country. He lectures worldwide on the subject. Again Richard and Keith have had a working relationship for over 12 years.

Orthodontic Specialist

An orthodontist is a dentist who moves teeth into the correct position using a brace. They have also completed a four year Masters course. There are lots of removable and fixed braces that can be used to fix the most rotated or displaced teeth. The orthodontist at KBA has the knowledge and skill to achieve amazing results.

Oral Surgeon specialist

At KBA the oral surgeon deals with impacted wisdom teeth, buried roots and biopsies. They have extensive experience working in the oral surgery departments of various London hospitals.